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Company founder turned 80

Hans Reichle celebrated his 80th birthday on March 6, 2020. He is a pioneer in business circles.


Hans Reichle undoubtedly belongs to the guild of successful company founders and, with his charismatic nature, is a role model for employees and business partners. His courage to take calculated risks and his openness to change and progress are significant.

With a pioneering spirit, farsightedness and the desire to be independent, Hans Reichle, a trained electrician, began very early in his life to independently develop and market products for fastening technology. He was inspired by the desire to make life easier for the installers he was at the time. Together with his business partner and co-founder of R&M, Renato De-Massari, he ventured into self-employment at the age of 24. Initially, the young entrepreneurs had to pursue a second professional activity in order to make ends meet. This was followed by an exemplary success story of a company that quickly became the leader in its home market of Switzerland and positioned itself internationally.

The gradual handover to the second generation was also carefully prepared. Hans Reichle retired to the Board of Directors in 1999. And after the company’s 50th anniversary, which was celebrated in 2014, the final withdrawal from the core business took place. Since then, the bond with the company has worked in the background. Together with his wife, the pioneer is now involved in private corporate projects.

In over 55 years R&M has developed into a successful company operating on all continents, whose innovative strength now covers the entire spectrum of connectivity.

We wish Hans Reichle and his wife Sylvia, who also turns 80 later in the year, all the best and for the coming years good health and many wonderful moments.

Information on the R&M company history:

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