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Digitalization = More than a mouse click

Every online marketplace has simple recipes for digitalization. Do they satisfy your company's needs? Those creating telecommunication and data networks are looking for tailor-made digital support which R&M provides in a considered, forward-looking and holistic manner.


Digitalization @ R&M

This blog – like many others – takes a look at digitalization. But here you will find a new approach. For the very first time, we will tell you about how R&M is dealing with digitalization. The formula we use is: infrastructure + composure + value creation = digitalization.

Infrastructure: As far as our international customers are concerned – whether they are operators of data centers, public networks or local data networks – everything they do now also revolves around digitalization. They have realized that connectivity is the top priority. There is no digitalization without cables, connectors, distributors, and racks. R&M supports them with leading quality products for the creation of high-performance infrastructures.

Value creation: For R&M, digitalization means creating a reasonable business model geared to actual needs alongside a perfect infrastructure. The owners, Board of Directors and Board of Managers all proceed in a considered, forward-looking and holistic manner. Our overriding goal is greater value creation for everyone: customers, partners, stakeholders and R&M itself.

Digitalization is changing the world in a way we never thought possible. It is important to responsibly take part in this process in the best possible way and make a valuable contribution to it.

Composure: With digitalization, we gradually want to make life easier for our stakeholders and our company. We will not rush into this sustainable transformation. Globally active industrial corporations such as R&M cannot introduce digitalization generally at the click of a mouse. No doubt you will agree with us there. Tell us what you think by contacting us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

What you can expect

For the customers on the international connectivity markets, R&M requires tailor-made, organic developments for compact application situations. The digital offers have to be tailored to the diverse requirements of the market segments. Installation companies in which cable office buildings need different solutions from data centers and telecommunication companies with the special requirements of the fiber optic component business also having to be taken into consideration.

The digitized processes should work efficiently and safely in all areas. They should mesh in a logical cycle in a useful way and sensibly facilitate interaction.

The planned cycle should include all internal areas, partners, processes and projects. The services should be equally helpful for planners, distributors, system integrators, project managers, installers and users. Market niches can be addressed more specifically. Innovative marketing automation tools help pinpoint and contact potential clients quickly and according to their needs.

A state-of-the-art webshop will help customers to configure and calculate networks with decision aids and possible solutions for their cabling plans. In the future, customers will be able to define digitally, plan and calculate precisely as well as the order in time entire systems on R&M platforms.

They will be able to follow how R&M is processing the orders online. Stocks and conditions will be presented in a transparent form.

Additional information will follow soon.

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