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Flat Electronics for Network Hardware

A smartphone is actually an entire computer. And nevertheless, these multifunctional, hyperintelligent phones are very thin. That is all down to the trend toward flat electronics. Network technology is set to benefit from flat innovations. And R&M is developing them.


Flat and flexible: electronics of the future

Electronic circuits and components are becoming flatter. Research departments are now developing flat systems that are as flat as paper.

The electronics of the future can even be bent. Circuits and chips can be printed on plastic sheets, medical plasters and textiles. This is how plasters and articles of clothing are being endowed with additional digital functions. In other words, they are becoming smart.

Network technology is the winner

R&M recognizes that passive network technology can also benefit from flat systems. Cabling hardware could be given additional intelligent features.

This is why R&M is working together with renowned research partners to develop new possibilities for using flat electronic systems. The solutions aimed for can increase network operation efficiency.

Flat electronicsNetwork Hardware

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