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Out of the Box Faster – Less CO2

For R&M customers, it sounds like trying to square the circle: unpacking faster, throwing away less, saving warehouse costs, reducing CO2 emissions.


The new packaging pre-assembly service for Netscale 120 brings data center operators several benefits. Now they can install FO distributors even more efficiently.

First, they specify the distributors according to the data center requirements. R&M assem­bles complete modules precisely to suit their plans. They are pre-assembled and delivered packed accordingly. This reduces the volume of cardboard boxes by 67 % in comparison to the delivery of single parts.

The modules can be unpacked in a flash on site. This work step is reduced by 84 % compared to conventional work preparation. The cabling project moves forward faster, the work costs decrease. A rack, a cage, or a data center can start operation earlier.

Further positive effects: Distributors, install­lation companies, and data center operators save storage costs. These drop by 74 %. The success of climate protection: CO2 emissions drop by 76 % due to decreased packaging production.

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