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Quantum Physics in Data Transmission

Swiss scientist and entrepreneur Lars Jaeger takes a look into the future for R&M customers. He explains the possibilities brought by quantum physics and quantum computers, and shows what they mean for data transmission.


Processing power could explode

For decades now quantum physics has been presenting ever more exciting possibilities. The latest generation of this research field is focusing on the vision of the quantum computer and the parallel processing of information units.

Research is expecting bizarre phenomena. For example, a number of quantum particles could be brought into a state in which they behave as if they were linked to each other by an invisible hand, even if they are a long way away from each other. Each particle knows what the others are doing.

data tunnel

Processing power

If one day these phenomena are turned into specifically usable technologies, the world will experience a few quantum leaps. Whereas a normal computer has to handle the bits it has to process one after the other in many steps, i.e. from 0 to 1 or 1 to 0, a quantum computer could process all these steps at the same time. Computing performance would explode.

Data transmission without transmission

And data transmission could also be revolutionized with the help of quantum technology. Information could be transferred from the transmitter to the receiver without the particle has to be transported physically. Data networks and the Internet would become a quantum Internet.

Quantum physics will open up a world of fascinating possibilities for IT long term. Whoever works with data networks should start looking at these options today.

Lars Jaeger, Swiss entrepreneur, scientist, writer, financial theorist, and alternative investment manager and guest author.

Lars JaegerQuantum physics

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